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LIST OF APPLICATION SERVICE PROVIDERS AUTHORIZED TO CONDUCT CONFORMANCE TESTS AND ISSUE LRIT CONFORMANCE TEST REPORTS ON BEHALF OF ADMINISTRATIONS Date of first written notification Authorized to issue conformance test reports Special conditions/remarks Albania Pole Star Applications Ltd 20/02/2018 Yes Algeria Pole Star Applications Ltd. 14/06.

Auditivna i vizuelna diskriminacija i uticaj artikulacijske prisile kod djece sa teškoćama u čitanju i pisanju. artikulacijsku prisilu, a ispitanici kontrolne skupine 13,90.

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The 22nd United Nations Group of Experts on Geographical Names (UNGEGN) April 2004. On April 21 (in NY), the delegation of ROK (Republic of Korea) brought up the "issue of Naming of the Sea of Japan" in 22nd UNGEGN * which has been held in UN headquarters. Correspondingly, the delegation of Japan argued against.

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LLEISIAU O LAWR Y FFATRI / VOICES FROM THE FACTORY FLOOR Hotpoint, Llandudno (1979-1998) Interviewee: VN037 Margaret Evans Date: 21: 08: 2014 Interviewer: Kate Sullivan on behalf of Women’s Archive Wales Margaret confirmed her name, address and date of birth, 24th December 1940 Margaret was born in Llandudno, of a Welsh mother and an Irish.

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